Born in Beheira in 1984, Hady Boraey lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt. He received a BFA (2005) and MFA (2011) and has recently earned his PhD (2015) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, the University of Alexandria. Boraey’s distinctive painting technique, is characterized by his rich palette, most notably, brightly coloured figures set against bold red or decorative backgrounds. His elongated, brightly adorned figures often stand in profile, reminiscent of ancient Egyptian art compositions. Despite drawing heavily from his cultural mileu, Boraey’s paintings are laden with symbolic gestures that convey poetic, imaginary worlds that defy temporal and geographical boundaries. Boraey has participated in over forty group exhibitions in Egypt, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and the UAE. He received the medal of appreciation from the Bibliotheca Alexandria and various awards from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria.   The artist continues to live and work in Alexandria.