Yasser Abd Elhay Mourad Rostom, more commonly known artistically as Rostom, is a Cairo-based sculptor, painter, furniture designer and art director. Following his education at the Cairo Faculty of Art, he worked as an art director’s assistant in Egyptian television and TV commercials. For his MA, he studied sculpture, focusing on the line figure drawings of the tomb of Tuthmosis III in modern sculpture designs at Helwan University. He followed this with an MA in painting. His work has been exhibited in Cairo at numerous galleries as well as at his own private showroom Rostom Elements in Cairo’s Maadi district. “Doves and Crows” was his first solo show at ArtTalks in 2016. Outside Egypt, his work has been exhibited extensively in Amsterdam, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Paris, London and Saudi Arabia. His diverse body of work is also held in private collections across the Middle East, and Europe.