[mk_fancy_title size=”30″ margin_top=”90″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]Can you Make Money Creating Art?

The simple answer is : Yes![/mk_fancy_title]

[mk_fancy_title size=”20″ margin_top=”90″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]On the other hand if you’re in it for the money, my advice is to consider looking elsewhere, the only reason a gallerist, dealer, professional or artist is here it’s their passion for the art.[/mk_fancy_title]
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Now let’s ask the question in different ways:

  1. Can I make a living as an artist?
  2. Is there a business model to make money in art?
  3. Can I qualify as an artist to make a living from it?
  4. I chose a career in art to create not to deal with business affairs I want to spend my time in creation and inspiration away from the material world and its hypocrisy. Can I still make a living from art?
  5. Can I be a nonacademic artist and still qualify?

Again the simple answer is still yes to all the devil as usual is in the detail on how to go about it.

For starters you need to think as an entrepreneur or what I call artpreneur who is also by definition a creator, use your vision and creativity to come up with ideas how to bring your art in front of the people your believe would appreciate it to deliver your message, share your vision and make all this effort worthwhile and financially rewarding.

Art is still considered a luxury and not a necessity, your first challenge is how to create the emotional statement to make it a priority and a must. How can your art stimulate, provoke, entice, seduce, inspire and fits with the décor!


[mk_fancy_title size=”30″ margin_top=”90″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]What is your objective?[/mk_fancy_title]
[mk_fancy_title size=”20″ margin_top=”90″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]

  1. Are you doing this to deliver a message?
  2. Express a talent?
  3. Become a star?
  4. Get your work in a museum?
  5. Be represented by top gallery?
  6. Make it a sustainable career?


[mk_fancy_title size=”20″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]Whatever it is, you need to apply its relevant business model there’s no one standard model that fits all. They’re all viable reasons to pursue but in order to succeed there are norms to follow and in all cases it’s full of challenges to address.[/mk_fancy_title]
[mk_fancy_title size=”30″ margin_top=”90″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]So how can we help?[/mk_fancy_title]
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We can help guide you on how to build and make your relevant business model, this encompasses:

  1. Identifying your target market
  2. The channels to reach it
  3. Highlighting your differentiating factors
  4. Strategy to reach and maintain clients
  5. Relationship with collectors and galleries
  6. Online presence
  7. Art valuation and market positioning
  8. Potential revenue sources
  9. Organize events and exhibitions
  10. Public relations and networking

Amongst other challenges we will face along the way, we are also qualified to advice on legal agreements.

Every aspect of the model needs to be researched and discussed jointly as a team exchanging views and infusing positive energy into the project.

In conclusion we will put you on the right track, it’s up to your creations, hard work and person to make it happen.


[mk_fancy_title size=”20″ margin_bottom=”90″ font_family=”Raleway” font_type=”google”]If you feel our services can help you fill the application below and submit it for our review. The application is subject to €50 review charge, please read the terms carefully.[/mk_fancy_title]
    There is a €50.00 charge to add a new post.
  • Artist Representation Application

    Please read the terms, application is subject to €50 review fee
  • If your application is accepted to represent you the review fee will be reimbursed read below.

    Our services include:

    Represent you to promote your art to galleries and collectors
    Organize exhibitions
    Provide professional marketing advice
    Assistance with legal contracts
    Creation or upgrade of website
    Social Media Promotions

    This is an independent advisory service, we do not guarantee or make sales nor do we charge commission on any sales you make. We will provide you with a brief on what can we do to help you advance in your artistic career and put you on the right track to follow, recommending the right exhibitions to participate at and cost.

    We take great care and conduct thorough research when reviewing your application we charge 50 Euro non-refundable fee for this service, if your application is accepted the fee will be deducted in case it’s rejected we will let you know the reason why we’re unable to represent you. The fee will not be refunded in case you’re approved and decide not to purse or take on our representation service.

    Eligible disciplines painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital, printing, and mixed media. Video art, film, performance art, jewelry, and crafts are not eligible.

    Payment on submission of application by PayPal or Credit Card.

    Thank you for your trust in our art advice, we look forward to supporting you.

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  • How to reach you

  • On submission you will be directed to the payment gateway we accept PayPal and credit card.