Our gallery is dedicated to promoting emerging, mid-career and established contemporary artists in all disciplines, we make every effort to support this mission this does not only reflect in our fees but also in carefully curating our artists to meet the level of interest of our collectors.

We qualify art when it’s original and artist when seriously committed.

Apply to exhibit at our upcoming events, we look forward to promoting your creations.


Qualified artists can apply to have a solo exhibition in our gallery’s 250 sq mtrs space at Marbella’s luxury art hub the Golden Mile.

Exhibition will run for one week

Includes a vernissage event and televised interview

Space available still for 5 artists during 2023-4




Participate in Exhibitions at our gallery and partner galleries

Join us at International Art Fairs

Register for upcoming collective exhibitions


Do you represent artists exclusively?

By all means we are grateful for your trust in us, get in touch let’s discuss how can we help

What is the dead line to receive the artwork?

The dead line to receive the artwork in Marbella is April 10th2019, any artwork arriving beyond this date is not guaranteed an entry at the main event.

What are the qualifications criteria?

Our mandate is to support career emerging and mid-career artists offering high quality original artworks to our discerning collectors. We like to give a chance to everyone and there is an art lover for any type of art it’s purely an emotional investment. We qualify art when it’s original and artist when seriously committed.

Who is Excellence Art Gallery?

The gallery is owned by an Italian artist Massimo Cedrini and his partner Giuseppe Carnevale who is in charge of curating and event organization. We opened our first gallery in Marbella’s Casco Antiguo (old town) in 2014 capturing the tourist market, our mission and business model is based on promoting artists by exhibiting them and organizing events at the gallery and other galleries and art shows in Europe.

Our success story continues, we just opened a new 250 sq mtr gallery space on the Golden Mile next to the Palacio de Congreso continuing our commitment and dedication to promote artists more effectively in such strategic location and premises to serve the local luxury market.

We now extend our mission online offering a unique new platform for artists to engage and share their creations with a discerning audience of art lovers opening new market opportunities offering plans and promotional events to accommodate all budgets including free.

How much does it cost to participate?

The participation package fees is €500 if the artwork is sold at the exhibition the gallery is entitled to only 40% commission, artist receives 60% of the sale price. In addition if the work is selected by our sponsors and curator panel to offer as a prize, we will acquire it paying in full your asking gallery price.

Do I need to be present at the event?

You’re welcome to attend and network with art lovers and collectors but if you cannot make it we’re happy to represent you and network on your behalf.

What payment method do you accept?

Fees are paid by PayPal or credit card via Stripe secured gateway or IBAN bank transfer.

Any more perks?

Well yes THREE!

The vernissage event will include a draw with three prizes:

1st Exhibit up to 100 x 100 cm artwork free at our next exhibition

2nd Exhibit up to 50 x 70 cm artwork free at our next exhibition

3rd Dinner for two at Art Caffé

Can I exhibit more than one artwork at the gallery?

Not at the event but we will exhibit in total two artworks if one is not sold at the event till the end of February 2019, if you wish to exhibit more works we have very reasonably priced plans and we’re happy to discuss any other ideas you may have, we could also organize you a solo if this is what you wish we have two gallery spaces each offers different advantages and patrons contact us let know how can we help.

How long will you exhibit my artwork for?

Depending on the exhibition and location, can be uo to one month..

How many artworks and what sizes can I exhibit?

Yes you may, discuss this with Giuseppe our artistic director.

What about shipping and insurance?

Artist is responsible to ship the artwork to our gallery and our insurance policy covers it at the gallery price value while it’s exhibited on our premises. If the artwork is not sold the return shipping charges is borne by the artist.