Who is Excellence Art Gallery?

The gallery is owned by Italian artist Massimo Cedrini and his partner Giuseppe Carnevale who is in charge of curating and event organization. We opened our first gallery in Marbella’s Casco Antiguo (old town) in 2014 capturing the tourist market, our mission and business model is based on promoting artists by exhibiting them and organizing events at ours and other galleries and art shows in Europe.

Our success story continues, we just opened a new 250 sq mtr gallery space on the Golden Mile next to the Palacio de Congreso continuing our commitment and dedication to promote artists more effectively in such strategic location and premises to serve the local luxury market.

We now extend our mission online offering a unique new platform for artists to engage and share their creations with a discerning audience of art lovers opening new market opportunities offering packages to accommodate all budgets including free.

Why should I post my art here?

Unlike other online sites that provide you only a virtual gallery we offer the opportunity to exhibit in a real brick and mortar gallery to include effective online promotions and we only take a sales commission on artwork sold at the gallery not when you make direct sales through your online presence on our platform.

What are the qualifications criteria?

We intend to make this platform interesting to our audience to keep them coming back curating quality artworks and supporting career artists being an emergent, mid-career or established artist, academic or with a great talent creating their own art in literally all creative disciplines.

Our curatorial panel will review your submissions and advise you accordingly. Quality of images must be professional, your artwork is important and need to be presented properly.

Do you charge fees or commissions on sales?

We only charge sales commission on artworks we sell physically direct at the gallery, if the artwork is sold while exhibited at the gallery the gallery is entitled to thirty percent commission. If you make direct sale with collector through our platform, we do not get involved nor charge any commission unless our service is required to facilitate the sales transaction and other logistics.

Do you get exclusivity on works posted online?

No we do not require exclusivity on artwork posted online, however when an artwork is spread all over the net it becomes less attractive to the collector, it’s always best to keep it more exclusive and avoid posting the same artwork on other sites especially public e-commerce platforms.

Can I have a solo exhibition or exhibit at your road shows?

By all means, get in touch with Giuseppe he’ll be able to help you his email is giuseppe@excellenceartgallery.com or call him on +34 642 21 91 29 he’s the person in charge of organizing road shows exhibitions at art fairs and other galleries and would be the best person to advise you on your solo show.

What about the shipping charges of my artwork?

If you decide to exhibit at our galleries the shipping charges are not included in the package fees, this expense will be borne by the artist, we can recommend reliable and economical transporters when needed.

Can I edit my artworks inventory online on my own?

Yes, you can self-manage your site , you may edit, add or remove any of your artworks inventory when you wish. Content is always moderated by our panel to ensure quality and best practice.

Do you exhibit anywhere else than Marbella?

Yes, we exhibit regularly in galleries and art fairs in Madrid, Barcelona, Toulouse, Zurich, Milan and Venice please check our agenda or subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated, if you wish to learn more about these opportunities please get in touch with giuseppe@excellenceartgallery.com

Do you represent artists exclusively?

By all means we are grateful for your trust in us, get in touch let’s discuss how can we help email giuseppe@excellenceartgallery.com or call him on +34 642 21 91 29

Why don’t you sell artwork online?

We are in effect a brick and mortar gallery, we do not have the necessary logistical tools to handle efficiently online orders especially when the work is with the artist in another geographical location around the world. We are considering offering this service in the near future to artworks exhibited or physically consigned at the gallery to ensure being able to fulfill orders efficiently.

Is there a minimum number of artworks I should post?

Actually yes, we require a minimum of six artworks when creating your site, the free package allows you up to ten works and it’s unlimited for the paid packages.

Can you help advice on online positioning?

Indeed, we are partnered with a professional team of art connoisseurs and digital marketers who can discuss with you one on one your strategy and potential markets to advise on how to position yourself best online and help you through this labyrinth contact support@excellenceartgallery.com and let us know how we can help.

Can you help set me up my page"?

Surely, we did our best to make it user-friendly with simple submission forms in all cases our team are moderating your content to advise on best practice and are glad to assist you one on one free of charge if you need them just ask! Email support@excellenceartgallery.com any questions you may have, we can also set up a screen sharing session.

How long will you keep my work online for free?

Your page will be posted for a period of one year, it will renew automatically for similar periods free of charge only if you update your inventory or post events, we do not want to end up with an outdated and forgotten platform.

Any more perks?

Well yes! Our media partner the Italian art magazine Biancoscuro are offering two page interview with the winner of a welcome Draw of the first hundred artists valued at €3500 and we’re open to your suggestions if you think we should offer something more.