Bronze Package


  • One Exhibition
  • Three Weeks
  • One Artwork up to 100×100 cm
  • Catalogue Raisonné Setup & Training
  • Free Site
  • Social Media promotion

Gold Package


  • Two Exhibitions
  • Three Weeks
  • One Artwork up to 100×100 cm ea.
  • Artwork Analysis and Critique Report
  • Catalogue Raisonné Setup & Training
  • Free Webpage on Platform
  • Social Media promotion

Platinum Package


  • Three Exhibitions
  • Three Weeks
  • Two Artworks up to 100×100 cm ea.
  • Artworks Analysis and critique report
  • Printable book up to 50 artworks
  • Catalogue Raisonné setup & Training
  • Free Website Choice of 8 Templates
  • Social Media promotion

Diamond Package


  • Solo Exhibition
  • Ten days
  • Up to 20 Artworks
  • Artworks  Analysis and Critique report
  • Printable book up to 100 Artworks
  • One on one artist coaching
  • Catalogue Raisonné Setup & Training
  • Free Website Choice of 8 Templates
  • Social Media promotion
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What is a Catalogue Raisonné and why is it a must to every professional artist?

Works by Picasso, Monet, Warhol and other Masters would have been worthless today if they were not archived in their respective catalogues, in the past these were recorded by art dealers or in the case of Picasso who created over forty thousand works he had the luck to have his friend Christian Zervos volunteer to archive at least his paintings and drawings up until he passed away his succession continued this task and maintain records of almost every work, the others’ catalogues are maintained by their respective successors and foundations in old fashioned book format.

Provenance is also key in assessing a painting’s history and who owns it over the years as well as the picture’s exhibition history and literature written about it.

That is what normally a Catalogue Raisonné is used for it is the sole reference to authenticate the artwork it’s the Biblethe history of art depends on. Thousands of unlisted masterpieces attributed to Masters cannot fetch any commercial value nor get their rightful place in art history even with all the alternative proofs the owners can come up with, so long as they’re not in the Bible  their value is that of an antique picture you pick up in a flea market or if new an unknown artist you pick up in the village art fair.

Archiving and managing your inventory of creations originals and editions is paramount for every professional artist to secure not only their value, also the artist’s legacy.

Thanks to present digital and online technologies the task of archiving is far easier and accessible to anyone you wish to share it with from anywhere.

Every piece of art that gets uploaded into your catalogue is assigned a globally unique ID number so that all of the information surrounding a single work of art can be tracked over time. With this we are working with partners around the world to create a new industry standard similar to the ISBN for books that is controlled by artists for the long-term provenance tracking of art.

As a cloud-based platform, we provide professional artists with all of the tools needed to catalogue, organize, track, and share provenance based information in one place as well as a webpage on our platform to share publicly what you wish to exhibit on our gallery site and an option to have your own website syncing all together uploading your content one time.

The platform provides a foundation for the adoption of new technology and enables artists and creators to participate in how their work is managed and used allowing artists to easily track their work both digitally and physically.

[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-folder-plus-4″ title=”CATALOGUING” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Artists, catalogue an unlimited number of your artworks. Enter, edit and organize as many details as you wish about each of your works.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-images” title=”COLLECTIONS” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Create collections and Editions to further organize your artwork. Choose your collection’s featured image and customize the order your works are displayed within each.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-link” title=”PRIVATE LINKS” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Share your artwork and its information privately with collectors, galleries or contacts of your choice. Add a passcode to your link for extra security.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-list-ul” title=”REPORTS” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Create reports to keep track of your work. The advanced search features let you customize your reports to your liking. Send reports to contacts via private links.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-location-2″ title=”LOCATIONS” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Create locations to keep track of where your art is at any given moment. Locations use Google Maps, allowing for specific geo-tagging.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-newspaper” title=”UNIQUE ID” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Every time you add a new artwork into your catalogue it gets assigned a globally unique id number so that you can track your work over its lifetime.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-icon-key” title=”SECURE” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Your data security is important to us. We follow security best practices when developing our software and storing your data.


[mk_icon_box icon=”mk-moon-cloud” title=”CLOUD BASED” style=”simple_ultimate” icon_size=”medium” icon_location=”top” icon_color=””]

Access the Dashboard securely from any web-enabled computer or device. Automatic daily backups give you peace of mind.